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Speakers & Topics

Quentin Nickmans
Founder of Hexa
How to scale a studio once it has proven efficient
Hexa (originated from eFounders) is a startup studio with 3 unicorns created out of 38 startups launched (portfolio valuation: $5B+).
Alper Celen
Founder of Enhance Ventures
State of the Studio World
Enhance Ventures is a venture studio with a $30M fund, known for its whitepaper on studios and the world map of studios (877+ counting). Alper is a moderator of the Venture Studio Bootcamp Morrow Capital Collective.
Elliott Parker
CEO @ High Alpha Innovation
Startup co-creation with corporations, universities, & entrepreneurs
High Alpha Innovation is a venture builder, that launched ~20 companies in partnership with corporations, universities, and founders, born in High Alpha, a venture studio with funds for creating & investing in B2B SaaS, with $500M raised across their funds and portfolio companies.
Rasmus Rothe
Founder of Merantix
Ecosystems – the secret edge for venture studios
Merantix is an AI venture studio (before it became mainstream – since 2016), raised €10M into the studio + €30M in the fund.
Renan Devillieres
Founder of OSS Ventures
Learnings from a SaaS verticalized startup studio
OSS Ventures created 15 companies in 4 years, €22M ARR (portfolio), 60% of their startups’ co-founders had previous exits.
Samuel Hall
CEO @ Rainmaking APAC
Building a Studio that is Investable: why the APAC ecosystem needs more investable studios; and what I learned in trying to do that?
The companies of Rainmaking APAC have generated $657M+ in funding and hold an equity value of $6,7B+.
Poppy Trewhella
Venture Partnerships Director @ Paloma
Learnings of the leading venture studio in Australia & New Zealand
Paloma Ventures is Australasia’s largest & leading venture studio with a portfolio valued at AUD 200M+ ($131M); with 87% of their ventures reaching the $1M ARR milestone, and 90% of their ventures having raised over $1M at the Seed Round.
Marc Wesselink
Co-Founder @ venturerock
& Startupbootcamp
Operating System explained
Venturerock built 15+ companies as a venture studio with $2.2M investments each. Startupbootcamp is the biggest accelerator in Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Latam – accelerated 1600+ startups.
Mario Aquino
CEO & Founding Managing Partner @ FutureLabs Ventures
The Opportunities and Challenges of CVB: Key Lessons learnt from 20+ years of hands-on experience
FutureLabs Ventures built 30+ companies, including $100M+ ventures. Mario's track record includes managing a $250M AUM CVC & managing a $1B-revenue company.
Barry O'Reilly
Co-Founder of Nobody Studios
How we plan to build 100 startups in 5 years
Nobody Studios raised ~$1M from 990 investors from 55 countries across all continents with 50% of investments being $100 each and $5M from Angel investors.
Amel Saidane
Founder & CEO @ Betacube
Launching a venture studio in frontier markets
Betacube is a tech Venture builder that invests, builds, and grows B2B startups in Fintech and Mobility in Tunisia, Ethiopia, Senegal, Tanzania & KSA. It has supported 200+ startups, with 50% being female-led.
Pranav Chaturvedi
Founding Partner @ Favcy Venture Builders
Digital Agency & Venture Studio model combination
Favcy VB is India's premier venture builder with 30 companies in its portfolio. Pranav is 3x founder with 1 exit and 2 maintaining profitable status.
Farhad Alessandro Mohammadi
Founder @ Mamazen & IH1
Emerging Studio's common mistakes
Mamazen is an Italy-based startup studio with IH1 fund (dual entity model). Farhad is a serial entrepreneur. One of his companies achieved annual revenues of 6M in five years.
Michael van Lier
Founder of Builders
Building the studio's brand.
Builders is a Rotterdam-based startup studio interacting with 2000+ businesses and 500+ technical founders annually to launch 4 stellar companies yearly.
Armic Kasparian
Managing Founder @ Gambito
Beyond Aesthetics: The Multifaceted Role of Designers in Venture Studios
Gambito is a venture design & development studio with 15+ years of global experience that worked with Apple, Air New Zealand, Vodafone, SkyNews, Marriott Hotels, and HSBC Bank.
Sohail Al-Razeen
General Manager Corporate Entrepreneurship Development @ Elm Company
Why Corporate Venture Building?
Elm Company is the leading provider of innovative secure services & solutions to both public and private sectors in Saudi Arabia with a 60K+ customer base.
Morgan Pelissier
Co-Founder & CEO @ Sparkmate
Transitioning from a service company to a startup studio
Sparkmate is a global venture building with $3M in revenue and offices in Hong Kong, Paris, and Sydney specializing in robotics, mechatronics, electronics, embedded software, AI, and web.
Shiva Susarla
Building one of the earliest thematic venture studios in Southeast Asia
RENERGII ASIA is a Singaporean venture studio creating & capitalizing on new AgFoodTech and Commerce startups using Circular Economy principles.
David Lanre Messan
Founder @ FirstFounders Inc.
Bootstrapping Your Venture Studio + Other Hacks That Worked
FirstFounders is a startup studio partnering with 1000+ early-stage founders focused on the African markets. They’ve raised over $3M launched 8 portfolio startups, and built 3 equity-free startups for 3 years.

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