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Speakers & Topics

Ihar Mahaniok
GP @ Geek Ventures
How did I launch my first $23M fund in 2023? Why and how founders should move to the US to build their unicorns
In 2023 Geek Ventures closed a $23M fund with 70 LPs, made 34 investments, 19 new companies, 14 different countries of origin of the founders, 1 exit, and 3 SPVs for LPs.
David Cohen
Co-founder of Techstars
Maturation of the VC asset class accelerated by the downturn
Techstars is the most active pre-seed investor in the world with a portfolio of 3800+ startups with a total valuation of $200B+ including 20 unicorns. Techstars invested in 700+ startups in 2023.
Apurva Mehta
Managing Partner @ Summit Peak Investments, LLC
Our learnings from being an LP in 30 venture funds. What does an ideal fund manager look like?
Summit Peak Investments, LLC has $688M AUM and invested in 11 funds from the first FoF, and 18 funds from the second FoF.
Alfred Chuang
GP @ Race Capital
The traction of VC firms, building a firm brand, why they prefer to be lead investors, and how to cope with the temptation to create an AI fund in 2024.
Race Capital is an early-stage venture capital fund focused on market-transforming companies. They closed $181M Fund II in 2023.
Margaret Wu
Lead Investor @ Georgian
From Data to Deals: The Impact of AI in VC Fundraising Success
Founded in 2008, Georgian has US$6.3B AUM and has made 68 investments with 26 exits across 8 funds. In 2023, raised $1.4B.
Jason Brenier
AI leader and Co-Founder @ Reverie Ventures
From Data to Deals: The Impact of AI in VC Fundraising Success
Reverie is an AI-enabled venture studio building the next generation of responsible AI companies to elevate humans at work. Jason is an innovative tech investor, AI leader, and operator.
Gabriel Jarrosson
GP @ Lobster Capital
How did I launch my first $10M fund in 2023 with super optimism?
Gabriel is also 107x angel investor with 15 exits. $33M invested in startups.
Danielle Patterson
CEO @ Family Office List
How to engage with family offices if you're fundraising?
The Family Office List is the premier and most reliable resource for Family Office data and investment intelligence and hosts a comprehensive database of over 4,500 firms, with 50 new additions monthly.
Jenny Fielding
Co-founder & Managing Partner @ Everywhere Ventures
GP/LP panel to discuss how GPs attract & engage with investors
Jenny invested in 300+ companies and built a thriving community of 500+ founders and operators. Prior, as the Managing Director of Techstars she invested in a portfolio of companies with a current market cap of $10B+.
Ben Stokes
Founding Partner @ Chasing Rainbows
GP/LP panel to discuss how GPs attract & engage with investors
Chasing Rainbows is an early-stage investment fund that invests in LGBTQ+ founded companies. Ben was named 40 under 40 Rising Stars of Venture by the Venture Capital Journal.
Mark Schulze
Board of Directors of First Northern Bank
LP @ 500 Global
GP/LP panel to discuss how LPs evaluate fund managers
Marc is a Business Development leader focusing on AI and building markets and co-founder of Clover (Sold to Fiserv) which passed $280B in annual CC volume.
Stephanie A. Rieben-de Roquefeuil
Co-Founder & CEO of Diadem Capital
LP @ Alumni Ventures, Gaingels
GP/LP panel to discuss how LPs evaluate fund managers
Stephanie is a Female German Immigrant FinTech Startup Co-founder and CEO, and Ex Wall Street. Diadem Capital is a funding marketplace for startup founders and private companies.

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