The Synergies of Private Equity and Venture Building

  • Fiorenzo Manganiello
    Co-Founder at LIAN Group
  • Robin Vaks
    Investment Associate at LIAN Group
This article was written by Fiorenzo Manganiello and Robin Vaks.
Prepared for publishing by Max Pog.
LIAN Group leverages a unique approach that combines the strengths of Private Equity and Venture Building.

Here's how it creates a powerful innovation engine:

Faster Time to Market, Reduced Risk & Increased Efficiency:

  • Strategic acquisitions help to bypass early-stage development steps.
  • Leverage existing teams and infrastructure of acquired companies, which are then streamlined with the Venture Studio team.
  • Focus resources on scaling proven business models. You will know all their weaknesses and strengths from minute one.
  • Acquire valuable market research & knowledge from established companies.
  • Mitigate the uncertainties of building a new business from scratch.
  • Optimize resource allocation by focusing on scaling existing operations.

Complementary Strengths:

  • Venture Building: Nurtures groundbreaking ideas and fosters innovation.
  • Private Equity: Provides operational expertise and accelerates growth.

LIAN Group in Action:

Patient-centric Platform: Our unique model combines the agility of a venture studio to launch new ventures, leveraging the operational expertise of private equity to ensure effective scaling for businesses.

For instance, we ensure the success of innovative healthcare solutions in the longevity and wellbeing sector: optimizing operations, maximizing patient retention, and driving faster growth.

Key Takeaways:

This combined approach allows for faster validation and scaling of promising ventures.
Acquired companies provide a foundation for growth, reducing risks associated with early-stage startups.
LIAN Group's expertise in both areas ensures a holistic approach to building successful businesses.

By combining these elements, we manage to create a dynamic model for building and scaling successful ventures.

Authors: Fiorenzo Manganiello and Robin Vaks, LIAN Group.

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