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Speakers & Topics

August Fern
Partner @ Baruch Future Ventures
Doing well by doing good
Baruch Future Ventures is a family investment firm with a background leading 10 IPOs and 8 M&A deals (incl. 10 Unicorns), having now 57 companies in the portfolio, 30% per year on returns for over 10 years, 5X MOIC.
Mike Sigal
Advisor, Coach & Investor
Venture Studios as an asset for investment
After 35 years as a founder, VC, and corporate advisor, Mike now serves as an advisor and business coach to founders, fund managers & corporate executives, as well as investor, speaker, and Fintech expert.
Sukhi Bhullar
Co-founder & CEO @ SKOPLE LLC
Family Office backed Venture Studio
SKOPLE LLC is the Family Office Backed Venture Studio that uses proprietary capital to build ventures, and capability and make investments into other venture studios.
Kamil Homsi
Co-Founder & CEO @ GRC Investment Group
The art of capital preservation and growth
Kamil has 35+ years of transaction-centric experience in cross-border deal structures, Public-Private Partnerships, and capital markets. GRC Investment Group is a SFO with a global portfolio focusing on Commercial Real Estate, Renewable Energy, and Waste Management.
Danielle Patterson
CEO @ Family Office List
Evolution of the Family Office sector and how it relates to the world of VC
The Family Office List is the premier and most reliable resource for Family Office data and investment intelligence and hosts a comprehensive database of over 4,500 firms, with 50 new additions monthly.
Ken Goldman
Former President @ Hillspire LLC
Panel Discussion on Investment Decision-Making in Family Office
Hillspire LLC is an integrated family office management company serving all the activities of Eric and Wendy Schmidt and supporting 350+ employees worldwide.
Adi Divgi
Founder & Managing Partner @ Divino Global Holdings LLC
Panel Discussion on Investment Decision-Making in Family Office
Adi is an experienced investor in Illiquid / Alternative Investments. Divino Global Holdings LLC is a family office that invests in real estate and non-real estate alternatives and focuses on Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation, and Private credit.
Kevin J. Ernst
Managing Director @ Kingswood Investments
& CIO @ Canadian Family Office
Panel Discussion on Investment Decision-Making in Family Office
Kevin has 34 years of capital markets and corporate advisory experience. Canadian Family Office actively invests in technology, mining, life sciences, and cannabis companies.

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